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Does anyone know what Captain James Hooks full name is?

In the movie Hook with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman Hook leaves a note for peter signed Captain J.A.S Hook, just wondering if anyone knew what the A.S stood for?

Does anyone know what Captain James Hooks full name is?
Captain James Aaron Stephen Hook graduated from Eton College in England with top honors. IDK how i know that.
Reply:Capt. James S. Hook
Reply:you have just said it
Reply:James Albert Stan Hook??

Just A guess
Reply:Captain James Alegra Sparrowbeth Hook.

Yeah, he's Captain Jack Sparrow's boy
Reply:I think the JAS is short form James rather than three seperate initials.
Reply:James A Sharp Hook

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Hooks in Subversion?

How do I get the subversion post-commit hook to work in Windows. I've created a post-commit.bat but the script just isn't getting called. Any ideas?

Hooks in Subversion?
1) Make sure that the post-commit.bat file is in the hooks folder of your Subversion repository (on the server side). As yet, Subversion does not have client-side hook scripts.

2) Perhaps the script is being called, but its behaviour is not what you expect. Add some tracing code to the script and see what happens. Did you perhaps intend to write a pre-commit script?
Reply:That's pretty much it. make sure the script is in the right place (in your repository folder, in \hooks) and make sure that the user that the svn server runs as has read permissions on the script. you connect to your repository using svn:// something, right? not file:// ...

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If a guy hooks up with his ex girlfriend, could he still like me?

this guy is always flirting with me and i flirt back

i like him, and im pretty sure he likes me

this past weekend he went on a convention with a bunch of other people our age (i couldnt go bc it was my cousins bat mitzvah)

his ex was there and i asked my friends to see if hed hook up with her

they asked him if he liked me and he said he did

then he hooked up with his ex the next day?!

could he still like me?

If a guy hooks up with his ex girlfriend, could he still like me?
Maybe he thinks you're easy.
Reply:there's a slight chance but this guy sounds like a whore. why would you want to go out with someone if they hook up with their ex-es. that means that there's a bigger chance that he's gonna cheat on you.

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Condensor Mic that hooks up to the computer? (AKG Perception etc.)?

I'm a rapper, and have lots of singers come by too. I'm looking for a new microphone because the one I have is a garbage average computer mic. I need a condenser to start recording music.

My problem is that I need a mic to hook up to an average PC. I have a Dell, and I know they have USB Condenser mics out there, but I heard the quality stinks. Is there a way to connect an AKG Perception 100 Large-Diaphragm Condenser mic to my computer.

I don't know much about pre-amps at all, or interfaces and all that stuff. Can someone guide me through step by step on what mic would suit my needs. I was looking at the AKG and it looks great, but how would I hook that up to my computer? HELP I'm lost.

Condensor Mic that hooks up to the computer? (AKG Perception etc.)?
im not so sure what its called, so sorry, you will have to do this research on your own, but ill tell you what i know: depending on the type of mic it is there are different ways. if its usb, then plug it into the usb, if its mic jack, plug it into a mic jack, if its like a plug that was 3 little prongs or so inside, then thats your problem, theres a way to do it, but im not exactly sure how. theres prob something out there that converts it to a usb, or mic jack, but in my school theres this thing they have, and its for a guitar, where the amp plug goes into a thing that converts it to a usb, and it acts like a foot pedal, (shown here: ) but yeah, theres deff something like that out there.

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Gun used to cut hooks swallowed by fish?

called the " hook gun". put the tool around fish hook and pull the trigger and it cuts the hook.

Gun used to cut hooks swallowed by fish?

I have one, it's not that expensive and comes in handy with toothy fish like bluefish and pike. The long reach helps you get down in and retrieve the hook( it's like little pliers. Most of the time it comes right out w/o harming the fish so yeah, stick one in the bottom of your tackle box for those times when you might say," I wish I had that thingy!". Good luck

Reply:I hate to say this and I will be bashed for it but hooks dont just rust away!Yes they slowly disolve if they are bronze hooks or fine wire ones but it takes a long time for them to do this.

When the hook disolves enough to be broken off is when and only when it "disolves"!

In saltwater a bronze hooks disolves faster than in freshwater but it still takes time!

Take a spring float and push"rotate" eyelet of hook into the belly and remove hook with pair of hemo's or needle nose pliers!Or th e new hook cutter tool!
Reply:Or you can just not waste the money on buying that. Just cut the line. Hooks are inexpensive and will eventually dissolve in the fish or become dislodged. I wouldn't worry about it.

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Hooks, gamakatsu, mustad, lazersharp eagle claw,?

i want to buy a worm hook so i can texas rig it (weedless) which hook brand should i buy, i need some sugestions like brand and ewg or someting

Hooks, gamakatsu, mustad, lazersharp eagle claw,?
My opinion is Gamakatsu 3/0 extra wide gap. This has always been my normal hook. When you start getting into jerk baits like flukes and others similiar, I usually move to a 4/0, same brand and gap.
Reply:There's nothing wrong with Mustad or Eagle Claw, but personally I prefer either Gamakatsu, Matzuo, or VMC wide gap hooks. Lately I've been using the VMC Fast-Grip Wide-Gaps. They have a multi-stage barb that I think not only sets and holds better, it also does less harm to the fish.
Reply:hi there when it comes down to hook choice it is very important do u want a long shaft short shaft barb or not thin wired or thick laser sharpened points etc etc now on the list u put i would go with mustad they are a very well made hook and strong now my other choice would be kamasan but i do not no if u get them over there and i think kamasan make the best hook for texas rigging good luck

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Reply:Gamakatzu 2/0 or 3/0 EWG here! Or Owner Offset in 2/0 or 3/0.

(I think Gamakatzu is one "sharp as sh_t" hook. They work very well.)
Reply:All make excellent hooks. It's all about personal perference. I like the sharpness of gamakatsu, unless if I'm using circle hooks, then mustad.
Reply:This is what I use.
Reply:all the mentioned hooks can be texas rigged but I have preferred gammy hooks in a 3/0 wide bend.
Reply:Owner Gamakatsu lazersharp there all good just match your hook to the size of the worm.
Reply:Gamakatsu is the strongest sharpest hook out there i would go with it!!! 3/0
Reply:Gamakatsu is more expensive but a very high quality hook.
Reply:I use a 3/0 gamagatsu ewg offset shank worm hook for most of my texas rigging, unless it is for senkos. Then i use 4/0 gamagatsu ewg offset shank worm hook.

good luck!
Reply:gamakatsu 2/0 or 3/0 depending on the length of lizard/worm/tube,etc.
Reply:Mustad will be your cheapest option and I have not had enough problems to warrant the extra cost. Gamakatsu is a better hook but you will pay for that luxury.


Substituting Crochet Hooks?

There is a pattern using a size H crochet hook. The closest I have to that size is a size I hook - do you think it would be alright if I used the I hook? or will it come out weird?

Substituting Crochet Hooks?
There is a .5mm difference between the two needles. If you have a ruler handy look at it and you will see what the difference would be. Depending on what you are making you may want to check with your pattern and see what the difference is if you make it one size smaller.
Reply:Since the 'I' hook is slightly larger, your project will end up larger. Since I don't know what you are making I don't have just one answer. If it is an afghan or a scarf, no problem at all, it'll just end up larger. If you are making an article of clothing it might turn out loose or even to large, depending on what size you are making, and you might need to make the next size smaller. If you are making a small project, just tighten up your tension to keep to gauge.
Reply:Just acquire the same measurements for the I hook that is given for the H hook, and remember to maintain it throughout the project or if it is okay for your project to be 1/4 inch larger, all is well with the I hook.
Reply:The hook may be ok. You can always adjust how loose or tight you crochet. Follow the gauge guide that starts off most patterns.

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